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One of the highlights of my first ever Stampin' Up! Convention experience was a tour of the Home Office, the building that houses the inner workings of Stampin' Up!  What a gorgeous place to work!  There was a fantastic section of little "rooms" and vignettes decorated using various Stampin' Up! papercrafting projects.  I thought this bedroom scene was a great example of thinking outside the box with papercrafting.  

I would never have thought to use the Flower Folds die to make giant monochromatic flowers to decorate a wall.  This is very affordable home decor.  And since there is not a huge investment, when you are ready to change things up and do something new, simply remove from the wall and begin your next decorating project.  The lampshade is adorned with punches in a way that is so creative, so frilly, so pretty…I'm in awe!  Again, not an expensive home decor project but one that really makes a statement…with paper.  Who would have thought???!!!

Although I know lots of people who spend hours and hours on Pinterest, the Stampin' Up! catalog and Stampin' Up! events offer tons of creative, and doable ideas.  Although I love Pinterest (who wouldn't!!!), I can get lost there and very much lose track of time…and not get anything done.  I love the Stampin' Up! catalog as bathtub or bedtime reading resulting in a list of projects I will tackle next.  

Grab your Stampin' Up! catalog and get inspired today!  If you do not have a Stampin' Up! catalog and/or a Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalog, email me and I will send you one in the mail free of charge.  Then sit back, be inspired…and then get up and do!  Let's get inspired and then make something to bring beauty to our little corner of the world.  It is so worth it:)

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