Stampin’ Up! Fabric Projects-Sandals for Livy

My daughter Tiffany made these darling sandals for Livy using Stampin' Up! ribbons and fabric-covered brads.  She found these items in the Stampin' Up! Clearance Rack.  Although these particular ribbons and brads are no longer there, it is a good place to bookmark and check from time to time to see what new bargains have been added.  In addition, when you subscribe to my email newsletter, I always update you as to when Stampin' Up! has told us that they have restocked the Clearance Rack.  That way, you stay abreast of breaking news!  Simply fill in the little sign up box in the upper left corner of this blog.

Stampin' Up! fabric projects

Okay, back to these cute sandals!  I did not know how to classify them, so I just called them a Stampin' Up! fabric project since Tiffany used Stampin' Up! ribbons and brads.  Tiffany has a darling blog: 

where she is blogging her journey as a SAHM on a shoestring budget with more creativity and passion than she can contain:)  Tiffany explains in detail how she went about embellishing these darling sandals for Livy.  Here's the post on her blog with lots more pics and details.  The Stampin' Up! pumpkin pie ribbon was a perfect match for these sandals, from the Lands End Clearance Rack.  They now look like shoes from a fancy kid boutique:)

Stampin' Up! fabric project
Tiffany has always been a "shoe girl" meaning she has more shoes in her closet than anything else!  Of course, she comes by this naturally…from her father!  My husband has great taste in most everything, shoes being no exception.  And he has quite the collection.  Tiffany has always loved shoes, and her daddy rather encouraged that.  Now Livy is already a shoe-aholic.  She loves her shoes!  Even when she was still crawling, she managed to find the sparkliest pair of shoes at Kid to Kid (a fantastic kids resale shop here in San Antonio) and tried to put them on her feet.  

Stampin' Up! fabric project

These cute orange sandals bring smiles to Livy:)  And isn't that what we all want with our handmade creations?  We want to bring smiles to the faces of those we love.  That's why we love to create.  It pleases us as we create, but it pleases us even more when we give our creations away and they bring smiles.  Addicting!  In a good way:)

Get  your bargains today in the Stampin' Up! Clearance Rack in my online store.  And be sure to check out the regular merchandise as well.  It's the best quality out there and very affordably priced even when it's not on sale.  You can shop anytime, day or night, in my online store:  Bookmark it!

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