Stampin’ Up! Fabric Project-Flirtatious Fabric

Well, I thought these pics were too cute to keep to myself, so here is my sweet Olivia in her Stampin' Up! Fabric embellished dress and hair clip, featuring the very girly Flirtatious Fabric.

Stampin' Up! Fabric Project

These are all made by my very talented and resourceful daughter Tiffany. Check out her blog here ( where she shares her journey of being a creative SAHM on an extremely tight budget.  Tiffany ended up making several different hair clips using Stampin' Up! fabric, ribbons, and buttons.  When I was a SAHM with young children and sewing up a storm, I would have given anything to have had access to Stampin' Up! quality fabrics and trims.  Having them delivered to my doorstep would have been the icing on the cake:)  History is soooo repeating itself as my first 2 children are 15 months apart and so are Tiffany's.  Getting two toddlers out the door and then shopping while remaining sane can be a daily challenge!

Tiffany has enjoyed papercrafting for many years but never dabbled in sewing or fabrics in any way.  We began a sewing group at our church, Tower City Church, early this year, and Tiffany has embraced sewing with gusto!  At present, we are sharing my sewing machine, and Tiffany has been embellishing things as well as making a few simple items.  Stampin' Up! fabric projects have been flying out the door!  Tiffany has purchased several of our current fabrics like the Flirtatious fabric shown here.  But there were several retired fabrics on the Stampin' Up! Clearance Rack for awhile, and she scooped up many of them, making her projects cost just peanuts.

Stampin' Up! Fabric Project

I love the fact that Tiffany found a way to enjoy sewing without having to make an entire garment.  By purchasing this cute, plain white tunic from Land's End (from their clearance rack:), she was able to create a very custom dress for Livy without spending a lot of money or time.  This is a recipe for success for busy moms.  

Livy loves the patchwork ruffles on her dress and the fact that her dress twirls when she swings back and forth.  These photos were taken on Sunday, and Livy (aka Peanut:) came through the door of Tower City Church with lots of confidence.  

Grab some Stampin' Up! Fabric today from my online store:  We have great choices and they are ALL in sets of 3 fat quarters, perfectly coordinated to save you time and money in purchasing fabrics that look great together every time.  We also have trims that coordinate with our fabrics so you get a really cohesive look in your fabric projects.  

I love the fact that many young moms are discovering the joys of sewing.  But I also love the fact that as a Gramma, sewing is fun again!  Jump on the home sewing trend today, and begin your own Stampin' Up! Fabric Projects…with Flirtatious Fabric or one of our other fabulous designs.  Handmade, heartfelt, with a touch of class:)

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