Stampin’ Up! Fabric Projects

My daughter Tiffany has discovered Stampin' Up! fabric projects, and is approaching them with her usual no-holds-barred enthusiasm.  Somehow, she makes time to enjoy creativity while raising a 1 year old and 2 year old.  (Did I mention that both my toddler grandchildren are extremely active?  The kind where you don't turn your head for a moment???!!!)  Tiffany also has a darling blog ( that I encourage you to follow.  I do!  

Stampin' Up! fabric projectsIn actuality, Tiffany has embraced fabric projects of all types–as long as they are quick and easy to go with her busy life.  She uses Stampin' Up! products whenever possible because she knows the fabulous quality.  And she shops our clearance rack for the quality AND the affordabilty.  

The cute Stampin' Up! fabric project here uses The Essentials Designer Fabric which is a package of 10 extra large fat quarters in gender neutral colors and designs.  Click on the link to see them all.  Here, Tiffany took the Marina Mist blue stripe pattern, stretched over a canvas, to create a quick and easy home decor project for our friend Betsy's baby nursery.  Betsy is using a button theme (can you say precious?!) for her baby Benjamin–who will arrive in November.  Tiffany has full details on her handydandyhelper blog.  

I'm usually pretty restrained in sharing Gramma photos as I know that my grandchildren are far more interesting to me than anyone else.  But I'm going to share a couple here since they sorta go with this blog post on Stampin' Up! fabric projects.  Stay with me here on my associations!

Stampin' Up! Fabric projectsHere, Jonah and Livy are playing in Jonah's room.  Jonah looks so much like my Alex at this age, it's pretty amazing.  He is a happy boy!

And here is a better pic of my Livy aka The Tornado.  She is an extremley active little girl.  She is sweet as can be, but you don't dare turn your back for a moment when she is in your care:)

Stampin' Up! fabric projects
Thanks for stopping by today and allowing this Gramma to indulge in a little grandma bragging/sharing while sharing another great Stampin' Up! Fabric project.  And please visit my online store: for the greatest crafting supplies on the market.

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