Latte Love Mystery Box

I love this box and hope you will truly enjoy putting together your projects while feeling spoiled in the process!

Tips & Tricks:

  1. The burlap trim is super fun to work with but a bit challenging to stick down. I used Tear & Tape on the cards as noted in the pdf. Although I did that with the larger home decor piece as well, I later switched to a hot glue gun which works like a charm:)
  2. On larger home decor piece, you can add something to the back to hang it, display it on an easel, or adhere a piece of chip board to the back to make it stand up.
  3. I’m a big fan of stamps and not as much of dies; however, I love these dies! They are super fun to use and I think we have only just scratched the surface with the possibilities!
  4. Click here for the Jesus and Coffee Print Work if you would like to make more of the home decor pieces. They make fabulous gifts and are lightweight for shipping!