Crosses of Hope-Stampin’ Up!

Stampin' Up!'s Crosses of Hope stamp set has 3 different crosses, each lovely in its design, and the simple phrase "God bless you."  These simple images and phrase lend themselves to a host of craft projects, and this photo is part of a Stampin' Up! Convention display that I was admiring in the Hispanic section.

Crosses of Hope

Stampin' Up! has an entire catalog of Spanish stamps as well as full demonstrator support for Spanish speaking demonstrators.  I loved the Hispanic displays at Stampin' Up! Convention with their strong themes of family celebrations and faith.

The lighting is not great on these cards (sorry!), but I thought they were excellent handmade cards and wanted to share them with you.  My Spanish is very, very sketchy.  But it's enough to make out that the card on the right is for a First Communion, and I'm not sure what the one on the left says.  But I'm reminded again that although we may not share language, Christians share the love of Christ which knows no boundaries, and has ways of communication that stretch beyond words.

On Tuesday night, my husband and I (he is the senior pastor of Tower City Church) were privileged to host a group of Burmese Christians from the Zomi tribe.  Dr. Chin Do Kham is our friend and wanted to gather with the Zomi of San Antonio while he was here for a short time.  Thankfully, our church building was free, and so Buddy and I opened our building for them and got to sit in on their service.  Although we do not share language (even though my Spanish is very sketchy, it helps me with my Spanish-speaking friends:), we do share the love of Christ.  Several musicians were with Dr. Kham, and as they shared their music, singing of the wonders of the love of Jesus Christ, well…the language differences seemed to disappear.  

Kim Pi gave her testimony of being one of 8 children.  Her Christian father asked the Lord for a family, as a single man, pledging that he would teach them all music and they would share the Gospel through song.  God gave him a wife and many children, and he taught them faithfully.  They went from village to village, on foot, sharing the Gospel in song all along the way.  Kim Pi shared that as a young girl, she was often hungry and tired as they traveled.  Her father would put her on his back and carry her.  As she grew up and her musical gifts became more apparent, she still traveled from village to village, singing for Jesus.  Having earned her bachelor's degree in India, her dream was to study further in America.  She was denied by immigration 8 times and told the Lord that she would be content to sing in the villages and jungles of Myanmar.  But then the Lord opened the door for her to attend Oral Roberts University.  She now sings in many places, in 8 languages (!!!), with the voice of an angel and the heart of a sold-out, born-again believer who has sacrificed much for her Lord.  I was so touched by her story as well as her songs, delivered with great humility of spirit.  

As I hugged her before she left, neither of us wanted to let go.  The Love of Christ Jesus is a powerful force, connecting us together in ways that go beyond culture and language.  It binds us together with glimpses of the joys of uninterrupted fellowship we will enjoy in eternity with the Lord Himself and with one another.  Come share a bit of that fellowship with us when you are in the San Antonio area.  Full information of Tower City Church is on our website, as well as some fantastic sermons that will feed your spirit and soul even as they teach you the ways of the Lord and encourage you in life.  Thanks so much for stopping by today and allowing me to share with you:)

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