Candy Cane Fishies-Stampin’ Up! Fabric Project

Today begins what will become a regular feature on my sweetstamper blog:  a guest blogger.  My daughter Tiffany is a great blogger in her own right, and I'm thrilled she will be sharing here several times a month.  Without further adieu, here she is!

Candy cane lane fabric
Thank you, Sweetstamper aka Mom, for allowing me to share a fun Stampin' Up! fabric project with you all today!  For those that don't know me personally, I'm a very happy, stay-at-home Mom to a 1 & 2 y/o boy & girl that keep me running:)  I love card making, scrapbooking and paper crafting, but I recently entered the world of sewing and other fabric projects- mind you, as a total novice!

I love Stampin' Up! fabric but initially wasn't too sure what to do with it- relating yet?  So today, I'm sharing a fun kids project perfect for this season's gift giving extravaganza!  And it's so easy!

As my family are exchanging handmade gifts this holiday season, I began browsing for ideas for my little ones and came across a simple tutorial on making felted fish– perfect!  I immediately went to my growing fabric stash and looked for something "fishy"- I opted for the white polka dot print from the Candy Cane Lane fabric trio of fat quarters as it reminded me of fish scales:)

I followed the tutorial and printed out the templates with no problems- an older child could easily help in this kids project too. Below are some pics & tips to help you along the way!

Stampin' Up! fabric project

TIP: Though I didn't bother to prewash my Stampin' Up!fabric, I did iron to ensure my fish weren't wrinkled:)

kids project

TIP: I used craft felt but the sparkly kind which is thicker and easier to cut and sew as it's stiff- the glitter also makes the fish look as though they've come straight from the water:)

kids project

TIP: When turning your fish inside out (after stitching) grab the fish's mouth and pull back through the base, slowly so as not to bust your stitches!  Have patience:)

kids project

TIP: Instead of the yarn used in the original tutorial, I opted for a nylon cord found by the leather & jewlery supplies at Hobby Lobby- wanted something extra strong to withstand the exuberant play these fish will receive from my toddlers!

Stampin' Up! fabric projects

TIP: I cut the Velcro eyes using the Big Shot to make them uniform & yes, it was late at night once these were finished, thus the poor lighting!

One fishing pole, one anchor and 8 fish later, this was hands-down, one of my favorite projects completed thus far & it's sure to bring hours of fun and imaginative play for my toddlers:)


  • Felt & Batting= $1 (I had most of it on hand already)
  • Fabric= $0.33 (Candy Cane Lane is on the clearance rack!)
  • Dowel & Velcro= $1.15

So, for less than $2.50, I was able to make a unique, handmade gift for my little Ms (Mirisoleimans) that they're already clamoring to play with!  Score!  And now it's your turn- feel free to check out some of my other projects or convo if you have any questions.

Thanks again for allowing me to share what I love,

Tiffany (

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